IGNOU MBA Assignment, Solved IGNOU MBA Assignments

IGNOU Mba Assignments 2012 Jan - June

IGNOU Mba Assignments for Jan - June 2012, Solved and Unsolved IGNOU MBA Assignments 2012

MS-95 Research Methodology for Management Decisions Jan – June 2012

1. Describe the terms “Unit of analysis”, “Characteristics of Interest” and “Decision-Making Unit”. Why is there confusion between the first two? 2. Given the technical advantages of probability sampling over non-probability sampling, why would anyone choose the latter? Give some practical reasons for using the less precise methods. 3. What is the objective of doing […]

MS-93 Management of New and Small Enterprises Jan – June 2012

1. Discuss the role of government in Small Scale Enterprises (SSE) Development. Give examples from new initiatives undertaken with respect to SSE. 2. How does the entrepreneur arrive at the final project? Explain the additional processes and criteria of selection s/he uses. 3. What are the various types of loans for a small scale unit […]

MS-91 Advanced Strategic Management Jan – June 2012

1. Distinguish between Prescriptive and Descriptive Schools of Thought on Corporate Strategy Formulation. 2. What is the purpose of Kumar Mangalam Birla Committee Report on Corporate Governance? Also discuss its major recommendations. 3. Explain any five strategies used by a firm in a stable industry environment. Elucidate it with examples from real world. 4. Describe […]

MS-92 Management of Public Enterprises Jan – June 2012

1. “The Indian brand of Socialism chooses a middle path – avoiding the fundamental doctrines of both Capitalism and Communism.” Discuss this statement with special reference to Mixed Economy Model followed by India. 2. Explain, with the help of an example, the Social Responsibility of Public Enterprises. 3. What are the major causes of sickness […]

MS-65 Marketing of Services Jan – June 2012

1. Being a customer relationship manager of a luxurious hotel, you have received a mail from Mr. Mehta. He and his family stayed at your hotel last week. He has complained that the quality of food served was not satisfactory. Also, he has criticized the staff members that they did not listen to his complaint […]

MS-64 International Marketing Jan – June 2012

1. What do you mean by product standardization and adaptation in context of international marketing? Give examples of products that may require adaptation across different countries. 2. As a newly appointed export manager, you have received an export order for export of Handicraft items to USA. Write down the steps you would take for executing […]

MS-63 Product Management Jan – June 2012

1. Explain the various components of product mix taking the example of any FMCG company. 2. With the help of examples, explain how might a company’s pricing and distribution strategies vary depending on different stages of product life cycle. 3. Explain the concept of Brand Equity. How would you assess the Brand Equity for a […]

MS-52 Project Management Jan – June 2012

1. Discuss in detail the various phases of a project development cycle. 2. Bring out the importance of site selection for a new project. Is it an economic or personal issue? 3. What are the different organization structures recommended for project organization? Discuss their advantages and disadvantages. 4. Elaborate the PERT/COST System as applied to […]

MS-62 Sales Management Jan – June 2012

1. a) Discuss the role and responsibilities of Sales Manager in the organization you are associated or familiar with. b) What are the reasons for firms to critically evaluate the performance of sales force on continuous basis? Discuss the merits and demerits of such evaluation. 2. a) What is sales organization? Discuss the process of […]

MS-53 Production/Operations Management Jan – June 2012

1. Discuss GT, FMS and OPT and their importance for improving the performance of production system. 2. How does a quantitative forecasting differ from a qualitative forecasting? How do we measure the forecasting error? 3. Discuss the relationship exists between Layout decisions, capacity decision and scheduling. 4. Compare and contrast PUSH type of production system […]