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IGNOU Bca 6th Sem Assignments 2011

CS-75 Intranet Administration July – Dec 2011

Question 1: What is the need to develop an intranet based system when internet based system is possible? Explain with an example. (10 Marks) Question 2: What is an Extranet? How does it differ from Intranet and Internet? (5 Marks) Question 3: What are hardware and software requirements to set up Intranet? Are there any […]

CS- 74 Introduction to Internet Programming (Java, ActiveX) July – Dec 2011

Question 1: Differentiate between the following terms along with appropriate examples (20 Marks) i) Applet and application ii) Inheritance and interface iii) Private and Protected iv) This and Super Question 2: Answer the following questions (20 Marks) i) What is mean by Serialization? Also differentiate between Transient and Volatile keywords. ii) Why Java is called […]

CS 72 C++ and Object Oriented Programming July – Dec 2011

Question 1: Explain the term Class and Object using the example of a student class. The student class represents name, enrolment number, father’s name, telephone number, programme code and date of birth of a student. The class has a function to show the information about the student except date of birth, and to modify the […]