IGNOU MBA Assignment, Solved IGNOU MBA Assignments

MS-95 Assignment July – December 2013 Research Methodology for Management Decisions

1. Discuss the significance and importance of the elements that make up the complete research problem.

Answer. Research problems vary from easy to complex, according to the number of variables and the nature of their relationship. Read about the elements of research problem

2. How would you use a Likert scale to ascertain the image of a leading Computer Brand among some consumers?

3. A group of 11 students selected at random secured the grade points: 1.5, 2.2, 0.9, 1.3, 2.0, 1.6, 1.8, 1.5, 2.0, 1.2 and 1.7 (out of 3). Use the sign test to test the hypothesis that intelligence is a random function (with a median of 1.8) at 5% level of significance.

4. Write shot notes on
a. Regression Analysis
b. Discriminant Analysis
c. Factor Analysis

Answer. Regression analysis is extensively employed for prediction and forecasting, where its use has significant overlap with the field of machine learning. Regression analysis is additionally utilized to understand which of the independent variables are relevant to the dependent variable, and to discover the types of these relationships. Short note on Regression Analysis

5. Write a brief note on the important elements of communication dimensions namely Purpose, Audience, Media, Message, Time, Place and Cost.

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