IGNOU MBA Assignment, Solved IGNOU MBA Assignments

MS-46 Management of Financial Services June 2011 – Question Paper

1. “In recent past Indian debt market has become more vibrant.” Critically evaluate this statement

2. Discuss different types of risks associated with financial services.

3. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has its prime objective to protect the interest of policy holders. What regulations have been evolved by it to attain this objective.

4. Write notes on :
(a) Green Shoe Option
(b) Forfeiting
(c) Liability Insurance
(d) Whole life policy

5. Discuss the process, benefits and limitations of credit rating.

6. What do you understand by Venture Capital ? Discuss the various modes of financing by Venture Capital funds. Explain the difference exist routes available to a Venture Capitalist from an investee company.

7. Explain the mechanism of factoring and components of ‘cost of factoring’. Discuss the present position of factoring services in India.

8. What is the role of Assets Management Company in a Mutual fund ? Discuss the working mechanism and functions of Assets Management Companies.

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