IGNOU MBA Assignment, Solved IGNOU MBA Assignments

MS-07 Information System for Managers July – Dec 2011

1. Define Information Technology. Describe various types of information systems. Is Information Technology as vital to modern global business as money? Why or why not? Discuss some trends in IT development.

2. Define MIS. Explain the framework of ANTHONY and SIMON for understanding the MIS and decision making process. Also discuss the role of MIS at various management levels with examples.

3. What are integrated software applications? Discuss their advantages and business utility. “Every component of a computer such as hardware software and network should be protected”. Justify and elaborate.

4. How the financial systems, facilitated by computer software are important for economy of data processing and administrative efficiency? – Discuss.

5. Discuss the salient features of the genetic algorithms. Explain its applications in business. How do they differ from artificial neural networks?

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