IGNOU MBA Assignment, Solved IGNOU MBA Assignments

IGNOU Bed 1st Year Assignments – 2013

ES-331: Curriculum And Instruction

Assignment 1

Answer the following questions in about 1500 words total. (i.e. each in 500 words)

i) Discuss the importance of curriculum evaluation. (250 words)

ii) Differentiate between objectives and learning outcomes with suitable examples.(250 words)

iii) Describe the activity based instruction with suitable examples from your subject.(1000 words)

ES-332: Psychology Of Development And Learning

Assignment 1

Answer the following questions

i) Explain with examples the influence of media on learning.(250 words)

ii) Describe the various steps and measures you take to create inclusive/conducive learning environment in the school for your students (SC/ST, girls and special needs children). (250 words)

iii) Explain the concept of divergent thinking. Design and develop a plan for promoting divergent thinking among your learners. (1000 words)

ES-333: Educational Evaluation

Assignment 1

Answer the following questions

i) Explain briefly the characteristics of a good evaluation tools ( 250 words)

ii) Explain the concept of ‘Grading’ & its types with suitable examples (250 words)

iii) As a teacher you must have felt some problems in implementation of continuous comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) in your school. Mention those problem and also explain how did you overcome those problem (1000 words)

ES-341: Teaching of Science

Assignment 1

Answer the following questions

i) Explain the dynamic nature of science with examples (250 words)

ii) Discuss critically the concept, advantages and limitation of ‘Project’ method for teaching science with illustrations (250 words)

iii) You being a science teacher has been given responsibility to establish or good science laboratory. Describe the outline plan and essential aspects to be considered by you to establish a good science laboratory.(1000 words)

ES-342 : Teaching of Mathematics

Assignment 1

Answer the following questions

i) Explain the nature of Mathematics.(250 words)

ii) Discuss the importance, use and limitation of ‘Drill and Practice’ or play way method of teaching of mathematics with suitable examples.(250 words)

iii) You as a mathematics teacher must have felt the importance of a good “Mathematics Laboratory”. Explain the essential aspects with examples which you will consider for establishing good Mathematics Laboratory for quality teaching of mathematics at secondary level ( 1000 words)

ES – 343: Teaching of Social Studies

Assignment 01

Answer the following questions in about 1500 words.

Answer the following question:

i) Prepare a question paper in Social Studies for the Annual Examination of Class IX of your school. Discuss the steps of preparing the same question paper. (500 Words)

ii) Discuss briefly social life and economic conditions prevailing during Indus Valery civilization. Develop an instructional strategy mentioning specific instructional objectives teaching – learning activities and evaluation items to teach this topic.
(500 Words)

iii) Organize the following group-directed instructional sessions for teaching social studies in class IX of your school.

a) Debate

b) Panel Discussion

Prepare a report on planning, organization, and evaluation of these instructional sessions. (500 Words)

ES-344 : Teaching of English

Assignment 1

Answer the following questions in about 500 words each :
i) How will you help a student in an acquisition-poor environment to develop effective speaking and writing skills in English? Devise at least two tasks each for each of the skills mentioned. (500 words)

ii) In the context of speaking skills, what is understood by the following terms :
– Fluency
– Appropriacy
– Accuracy

Give examples from your experience as a teacher to substantiate your answer. (500 words)

iii) Prepare a lesson plan for teaching your students the skills of writing a Report. Your plan may relate to anyone of the following topics:
• Republic Day Parade
• An IPL Match
• The visit of a dignatory in School ( 500 words)

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