IGNOU MBA Assignment, Solved IGNOU MBA Assignments

Group Formation Process – Explain it

Bruce Tuckman in 1965 developed the Forming – Storming – Norming – Performing, group formation process. A group is: two or more people who share a common definition and evaluation of themselves and behave in accordance with such a … [Continue reading]

MS – 04 Accounting and Finance for Managers July – December 2016

1. Take an organization of your choice & find out how the Accounting Reports are prepared by them and how these reports are useful for managers while making decisions relating to the activities of a Business. 2. Prepare the Cash Flow Statement … [Continue reading]

MS – 03 Management of Machines and Materials July – December 2016

1. Discuss socio-cultural environment of business and its importance to business giving examples. 2. What are the objectives of public sector and how far these objectives have been achieved? Critically analyse. 3. What reforms have taken place … [Continue reading]

MS – 02 Management of Machines and Materials July – December 2016

1. Explain the process of human resource planning. Describe how HR forecast is carried out in the organisation you are working with or an organisation you are familiar with. 2. Discuss the concept of ‘competency mapping’. Explain any two methods … [Continue reading]

MS – 0 1 Management of Machines and Materials July – December 2016

1. Planning and controlling go hand in hand. There can be no control without a plan and plans cannot be successfully implemented in the absence of controls. Controls provide a means of checking the progress of the plans and correcting any deviations … [Continue reading]

MS – 0 5 Management of Machines and Materials July – December 2014

1.a) Explain the Product Selection and stages involved therein. b) What is producibility? How does it affect product selection? 2. a) Define job design. How has management viewed job design since the industrial revolution? b) List the … [Continue reading]

MS – 0 4 Accounting and Finance for Managers July – December 2014

1 . Study the Accounting Information System being followed in your organization, Prepare a report on the functioning of this system and also give your views on how the system could be improved. 2. You are required to prepare the company’s Balance … [Continue reading]

MS – 0 3 Economic and Social Environment

1. a) Explain how the politico-legal environment in a country affects business firms. b)Analyze the interaction between political environment and business management citing relevant examples. 2. Briefly examine the growth, problems and prospects … [Continue reading]

MS – 0 2 Management of Human Resources July – December 2014

1. “Borderless world, Diversity, and Knowledge Power are the three broad phenomena of 21 st century, posing challenges to the corporate world and culminating into fierce competitive environment”. Elaborate this statement and discuss the underlying … [Continue reading]

MS-01 Management Functions and Behavior July – December 2014

1. Briefly describe the responsibilities a professional manager has towards various stakeholders with respect to sustainability of a business organization. Cite example of any business organization, and describe managerial responsibilities to support … [Continue reading]